Grilled corn, potato and bean salad, cider and anchovy dressing

Here is a potato salad, with a little something chic! We’ll bet this dish will become your new classic during picnics and lunches.



  1. In a mortar, grind the anchovy fillet and garlic. Add the mustard and grind again. Add the vinegar and grind. Add the oil in a stream, continuing to grind with the pestle to emulsify. Season with salt and pepper as needed. Set aside.
  2. Lightly oil the corn on the cob and grill them for a few minutes on all sides in a BBQ at high heat. Leave to cool and remove the kernels from the ears using a sharp knife.
  3. Cut the baby potatoes and the blanched beans in 2, divide in a serving dish with the corn kernels and watercress. Add the egg quarters.
  4. Pour in the dressing and garnish with a pinch of chili peppers. Serve the salad warm or cold.

The little extra

If corn season is over, you can use frozen corn (not thawed) and grill it with a little oil in a cast iron skillet at high heat.

Condiment used


cider & maple



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$ 15

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